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Introducing Coco & Moi Drinkware: The Perfect Blend of Style and Functionality!

Are you tired of using boring, ordinary glassware for your daily beverages? Look no further! Coco & Moi Drinkware offers a range of affordable and indulgent glassware that will spice up your morning, afternoon, or evening routine.
Our unique glassware is designed to add a vibrant burst of colour to your drinks. Each glass is UV DTF wrapped with the highest quality vinyl, ensuring long-lasting and vibrant hues. Say goodbye to plain glass and hello to a world of eye-catching designs!
With a generous capacity of 470mls (16oz), our glass jar is perfect for a variety of beverages. Whether you enjoy iced coffee, smoothies, cocktails, or refreshing juices, our glassware will elevate your drinking experience. Sip your favourite concoctions in style and make every drink feel special.
To enhance convenience and sustainability, each glass comes with a complimentary bamboo lid and glass straw. The bamboo lid adds a touch of natural beauty while keeping your drinks covered. The glass straw offers an eco-friendly alternative for sipping your beverages.

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